Home Staging Service -  A service perfect for owners looking to sell their home fast and make their listing stand out from the competition. In today’s fierce market, it no longer works to simply put your home on the market as your 'lived in' home and expect potential buyers to see past everything personal to you. Nice Home Interiors can improve the overall appearance of your current home by placing an objective eye over it and addressing any negatives that potential buyers will see. Professional home staging is now recognised by real estate experts all over the world as one of the most important steps in the home selling process.


Soft staging

Soft staging is a more simpler service where we dress and accessorise a room such as a living room or a bedroom. We can add decorative accents such as fresh flowers, style table settings, place decorative pieces, and hang artwork to add warmth to any room.



Nice Home Interiors focus on working with and enhancing your existing furnishings and décor as well as maximising on your property’s strengths. Using mostly what the you already have in your home, we can make updates such as wall colour changes, clearing clutter, depersonalising, rearrange and add furniture as well as place decorative accessories. Staging allows buyers to understand how they would actually live in the home and if you, the owner are open minded the end result can see an amazing transformation. 



By agreeing a furniture, decorative accessories and artwork budget with you, we can create a lifestyle that the target buyer will aspire to. More often than not a property where the furniture can be purchased alongside the property is far more appealing to foreign buyers or rental investors as it is a ‘ready to move in' or 'rent out' product.